The revolutionary dispenser and packaging system for all liquid cosmetics and cleaning products!

Smart, comfortable and fully recyclable!
The game changer for the European market.
No greenwashing – true sustainability!


The replacement bag is removed from the refill bag!
This is the simple and ingenious idea of POUCHIT®.

This innovative symbiosis of durable container and replaceable stand-up pouch creates a system that combines all the advantages of conventional packaging and refill bags and at the same time eliminates all disadvantages.

As economical as a refill, but without the mess, squeezing and pressing!


Emptying of up to 99% residual thanks to the airless process!

In a watertight container, of course, including a wall mount for the shower cubicle.

Less packaging craziness!

Our replacement bag is lightweight at only 13g and saves over 70% raw materials compared to conventional packaging.


Real sustainability!

Bag, lid and spout are made of one single material! We're talking about the monobag!

The great thing about it? It is recognised and recycled by the sorting systems completely automatically – simply when it's thrown into a yellow bin!

This is how sustainability and the circular economy work in the 21st century!


Mathias Koch